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Custom Website Development

At emedia we discovered the incredible potential of Opensource Joomla software and consider ourselves experts at developing the best web designs and components. This dynamic website software is changing the face of the internet. Joomla is easy to use, dynamic and used by thousands of new age web developers throughout the world. The time for advanced web solutions is now and we are your Joomla expert. We can take your idea and transform it to a website that exceeds your expectations.

E-commerce Solutions Sell Online

The ecommerce software we use to build dynamic ecommerce websites is called Virtuemart, this ecommerce system work is built for the Joomla system ancludes everything you need to sell effective Online

Search Engine Optimization Be Found

Putting a website online is a great first step, but without visitor traffic your investment will never reach its full potential. You wouldn't open a store in a deserted neighbourhood, so why put a website online that nobody can find? Unfortunately, this is a common problem and is where many businesses fail with their websites. The good news is an our Consultants cannot only help you get your business online, but also drive a continuous stream of profitable traffic to your website. This is done in a number of ways including: search engine optimization and Pay-Per-Click strategies, link building, directory submissions, referral marketing and they will also help you integrate your offline promotions with your in-store activities.

  • Google and Yahoo make up for over 75% of all online searches
  • 300 million searches a day for products and services using these search engines
  • If you are not on page one or two of the keyword search customer will not find you

Maintenance Solutions

emedia uses a proprietary system of secure business grade Hosting services, unlimited email, analytics and analysis to ensure each clients website is in tune with their online customer base. A website that is dated can hurt the image of your company, let us watch over your site to ensure you get the best from your online solution.

  • include reliable Business grade Hosting Services
  • Google Analytics to view website statistics
  • Month analysis of your website to ensure functionality
  • unlimited business email
  • graphic design updates (depending on the package you choose)
  • 24/7 Online support through our website support system


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